Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Apartments I Find

In this cool post, I will be writing about the apartments I find.
First of all, the site I'm looking at is good but it is so frigging slow! See, it just crashed/froze.
Haha! I was waiting for the page to load again, and my cellphone rings and I look to see there is a number I don't know. I answer and there is this woman asking me for this guy and I tell her there is no one here with that name, and then she asks me for my husband, which I don't have because I am a teenager, I tell her I am not married and she asks me if I work at a bar, and I just tell her, YOU HAVE CALLED THE WRONG NUMBER, and finally she hangs up. The site never even loaded.
I just found this really good apartment. It is too perfect for me. I showed to my brother and he said that they rooms can be small and that got me thinking. We will go see tomorrow. I really hope its not that small!

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