Monday, March 29, 2010

Again, I write.

I'm so disappointed =(. I've really tried to attract people to my blog but it is SO HARD!
Anyways, last week, I had a crush on this really cute boy. He likes my best friend because she is really pretty, while I'm NOT. So, I decided that just because him being pretty isn't a reason for me to like him. Then, I had an amazing idea, I wrote down everything I felt. One of things was a song, and I'd like to share it and hear comments about it, because I was really inspired. No, I can not sing, I still like writing songs. If you'd like to give it your own rhythm go ahead! If you have an Youtube account or something, film/record it, and send it to me as a comment, so I can go ahead and rate it 5 stars!!


You are a dream
A fairytale prince
That beautiful face
Is addictive, to any girl

Physically, you are the prettiest
Yet emotionally, how could I know?
If your feelings never show?!

Your mysteriousness
Caused me a sickness
I'm addicted to you
And everything you do

I haven't seen your face
In so many days
I'm going mad
Extremely depressed

Because of this stupid crush!

If I could control my feelings
I wouldn't like you
No, not at all
You are shallow

I understand you like her
I wish it wouldn't hurt
But, somehow it does

Its confusing
How I'm loosing
My ming

Maybe its just the time
The attraction
Boy, there is no passion
For sure

Your mysteriousness
Caused me a sickness
I'm addicted to you
And everything you do

I heard today,
That in time things will fall into place
And I just can't wait
To let it go, to let you go

(I can't wait, to let you go.
Things will fall into place,
I'm addicted to you
and everything you do
will fall into place).

I hope you liked it! Please comment.
I'm counting on anybody who reads this to make a rhythm for it.
If you at least read this, THANK YOU. If you'd like to send me your blog I'll tweet about it, I'll post it here, anything!

Well, off I go, again, to do my homework.


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