Monday, March 29, 2010

Again, I write.

I'm so disappointed =(. I've really tried to attract people to my blog but it is SO HARD!
Anyways, last week, I had a crush on this really cute boy. He likes my best friend because she is really pretty, while I'm NOT. So, I decided that just because him being pretty isn't a reason for me to like him. Then, I had an amazing idea, I wrote down everything I felt. One of things was a song, and I'd like to share it and hear comments about it, because I was really inspired. No, I can not sing, I still like writing songs. If you'd like to give it your own rhythm go ahead! If you have an Youtube account or something, film/record it, and send it to me as a comment, so I can go ahead and rate it 5 stars!!


You are a dream
A fairytale prince
That beautiful face
Is addictive, to any girl

Physically, you are the prettiest
Yet emotionally, how could I know?
If your feelings never show?!

Your mysteriousness
Caused me a sickness
I'm addicted to you
And everything you do

I haven't seen your face
In so many days
I'm going mad
Extremely depressed

Because of this stupid crush!

If I could control my feelings
I wouldn't like you
No, not at all
You are shallow

I understand you like her
I wish it wouldn't hurt
But, somehow it does

Its confusing
How I'm loosing
My ming

Maybe its just the time
The attraction
Boy, there is no passion
For sure

Your mysteriousness
Caused me a sickness
I'm addicted to you
And everything you do

I heard today,
That in time things will fall into place
And I just can't wait
To let it go, to let you go

(I can't wait, to let you go.
Things will fall into place,
I'm addicted to you
and everything you do
will fall into place).

I hope you liked it! Please comment.
I'm counting on anybody who reads this to make a rhythm for it.
If you at least read this, THANK YOU. If you'd like to send me your blog I'll tweet about it, I'll post it here, anything!

Well, off I go, again, to do my homework.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing but an Update

So, I've been trying to promote my blog and I am really hoping it works.
I guess that the fact that I am "anonymous" is a little bit of a downer, but you know...
I've been posting the URL on various sites.

Anyways, I've been having this really bad problem in school. I am one of the smartest people in my class, BUT my teachers have been complained that I talk a lot and get distracted. Is it my fault that I'm friends with everyone and the all wanna talk to me?! NO!
But, to make things better I've been quiet in most of my classes and I only speak to get a participation grade.

About the apartments, we found two! They are really good, and now we have to figure out which one will be cheaper.
Well, I gotta go do my homework.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not to Brag but...

...I'm being followed by Sean Kingston on Twitter! Isn't this awesome?! AAAAH !


Twitter Updates!

Hello people.
Its been so long since I haven't posted anything and I am very sorry!
I don't have much time since I've been so busy looking for apartments, studying and well maintaining hard relationships.
So, I've decided to create a TWITTER so I can post things quickly and you can read them here -->
or you can also follow me on twitter and just read my tweets from there.
I also have a "Twitter Faves" widget which shows my favorite tweets, they're usually things I believe in or just really like.
Thank you for the attention!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello! I would just like to tell you guys that since it is hard for me to write my stories with no names, I will have to give the characters names but those names are NOT THEIR REAL NAMES!
Thank you,

Should I tell you...

I got a comment! This just made my day =)
Yesterday right after I posted my comment, a friend called and asked me if I would like to go to her house for a sleepover. I went and it was fun. But could I tell somethings that have really been annoying me lately about this friend? Ok.
  • She wants to be the best at everything. Yes, she was the one who took a modeling course but still everybody said that me and my other friend were the best and she got really mad.
  • She is hypocritical. She says horrible things about her friends and when she sees them its as if they are best friends. She told me once that she wants everybody to like her, the worst part is, everybody DOES!
  • Yesterday we were talking about a friend who we considered our best friend too. But then, Jules said that she didn't consider the girl her best friend anymore and that she really didn't like the girl. Today, they were talking like BFFs, they even created this social network account thing together!
Even with all these things this girl, Jules as I will call her from now on, is my best friend. My The Best Friend...because I can really trust her with my things.

But do you know what's the worst part?
She gets really mad easily. I can't make one comment about something she doesn't want or like that she'll just go off yelling at me.

I feel so guilty writing this here, because I know that Jules is a great person, and she really is beautiful!
Is it bad for me to write this?
Help me! What do I do!?


Saturday, March 6, 2010

OMG! Today is a really nice day! Last week I was invited to model at my school for this store owned by a woman who went to my school. We went to the store to try on our clothes and nobody really liked theirs. Then this week we got to practice. The first practice was on Monday. We had our uniforms on and the runway wasn't really that big. Everybody tried once and nobody really took it seriously because it was for school. Even though, we gave advice we thought was good to each other. My best friend got mad at the advice they were giving her and she spilled out something that made me sad: She told she had done a modeling course and she modeled for a local, but famous, store. I was sad because I'm really skinny and tall and I was going to try to become model once I got to a certain age (which I'm gonna get to this year), and I thought I would be the first of my friends to try (because we are all tall and skinny). So, that made her think she was the best, but I didn't really care because I was thinking 'this is only for school'. Another one of my best friends is able to walk like real model and she is always complimented, so everyone knew she was going to do well. Even though I didn't really care about the show, the girls gave me advice and I did want to do better. So, when I got home that day, I looked up some videos on how to walk like a model, and I tried learning and walking. On Friday, we practiced again. This time, the woman brought heels for us. We put them on and were very excited. We all took it a little more seriously that day but we still knew we weren't doing the best we could. I for sure was the worst during practice and I fell - TWICE! Then there was today, Saturday. I got to school really early and went to fix my hair and makeup. It was a big mess, and my mother ended up doing everyone's hair. It was time to put on our clothes. Even though my dress was the smallest, because I'm the skinniest, it was still loose. We looked at each and decided that the clothes weren't bad, they actually looked pretty good. We were done dressing up and were ready to model on the runway. I was shaking of how nervous I was. It was my turn, and I stepped on the runway and did the best I could. When it was time to change for the second outfit my mother came in to help me and I was shaking and cold, I felt like I was going to faint. She told me that she couldn't believe how good I was and that the best ones were me and my friend who we all knew was going to do great. It was time for the second outfit now, and I felt more confident because of what my mother told me but I still thought she said just because she is my mother. Then it was my turn again. I went until the end of the runway and stroke a pose that my friend told me to. When the fashion show was over, I went to talk to people who watched it. Their response to it was unexpected. They said I was cut out to be a model, everybody was shocked at how well I did and the weirdest part: me, my friend who is really good at modeling and my friend who took a modeling course were eating and one of my teachers came up to us and said all of us did great, BUT me and my friend who is really good at modeling looked like we BELONGED there. My other friend was very mad. I don't know what to say right, I am just shocked and happy. =)

This is a blog that I use as my personal diary. I would like people to read and relate my stories to theirs. It is anonymous. Thank You!